To everyone who’s going to read this. Please try dropping a comment or two.

What has been your blogging experience and for how long have you been there?





  1. I’m blogging for exactly 3 months and 19 days now.. 😂 yeah, but I still consider myself as a newbie.
    At first, it was hard but then I learned to enjoy and love this blogging site. I can’t even imagine myself now if I didn’t joined wordpress. It’s nice to share you’re thoughts and to be able to connect to other people.😁❤

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      1. That you!!😙❤❤ Yes, all my thoughts are in there.. 😁
        Well, I don’t know… it’s still so surreal. in fact, I’m still wondering how they can find my blog.. 😅


  2. Been here about a year. Love it. Comments keep me going. Lots of inspiration on WordPress. Tired of FB. I get to peek into people’s minds and the writer’s here are trying to improve their lives and reach out. Very inspirational!

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  3. I feel like it was just yesterday I started my blog, I mostly use it to figure myself out. For a guy like me its my escape…..I wanna reach the levels of biko and magunga. I have learnt a lot from blogs that I find on “Granny’s corner” on Facebook…..check that page out, its a blogger heaven. Thanks Anita this was an awesome idea…..


  4. Iv been here for a few months and I have 14 followers oh my am so happy that pipo read what I feels like home on word press I can freely write and express me.
    Helps me connect to the real me that the busy world seems to ignore


  5. Me…Well I started blogging like last year…
    First I was using it to write my girl sweet stuff then give her the link for her to read # then she’d trip head over heels,tell her friends how sweet her guy is and such 😂😂😂Lol…
    But with time…I was like Chill…This is sth that I can use for much more than making her happy…I can have fun with it and hopefully even make some cash…So I decided I’ma start blogging….
    Blogging about Romance 😂😂Like that Latina,Romeo & Juliet bit now modern romance 😂Yeah that type of stuff …
    Its pretty good tho the follows ain’t get coming thru real big 😂But it feels great.Blogging feels great….🔥


  6. Almost 3 years now and it is an amazing form of release!
    It started as an assignment in my print class. My lec was like blogging is the final project for that class…so we had to do it regardless. Semester over, I got my A in that class but I couldn’t stop! Till today!


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