“I’m going to enjoy 19-24 as a man whore”  These were his words.

He told me this while warning me not to become one.

What if a man breaks  me then I decide to become a whore?

Then no man will accept you. It’s a rule. No one marries a whore.

What about you? 

For me, this is experience. Honestly, I can’t settle with a woman whose been laid more than twice.

So, a shirtless man is a sexy man. But a topless woman is a slut. 

Who said that being a man makes you right?

We’ve created stereotypes.

We’ve allowed ourselves to live in a crazy world.

We’ve forgotten our morals.

For instance, when a lady tells a guy straight up that she wants to sleep with him, she’s considered ‘cool’ or rather ‘wife material’. Very few will call her a slut.

However, it’s completely different when guys do the same. They’re either called ‘f*ck boys’ or ‘perverts’.

Who gave women this power to be open? Who said that men can’t be?

To guys, who made you think that the more b*tches you sleep with the cooler you get? 

You find guys mindlessly boasting with their friends about this. Do they reckon that maybe their daughters will boast as much as they do? Don’t be blinded. Y’all guys are just as “easy” as you claim women are. A guys penis should be considered as precious as a lady’s vagina. Learn to be stingy. Go ahead and tell her you’re waiting for marriage. They all do. Let her know about the 90 day rule you obey. Have a mysterious d*ck game.



Get yourself a drawn graphite portrait.

Well mounted and framed :

Not framed

A5 1000/=

A4 1500/=

A3 2400/=

A5 1500/=

A4 2500/=

A3 3500/=

A2 7000/=
Size Width x Height (cm)

A2 42 x 60 cm

A3 30x 42 cm

A4 21 x 30 cm

A5 15 x 21 cm

Instagram: Frank_art_sketches

Facebook : frank art sketches

Call ☎ or text 




  1. Am clapping slowly to this. Really deep. Good piece. The body is the servant of the mind, at the bidding of unlawful thoughts the body sinks into disease and decay, at the command of noble & beautiful thoughts it becomes clothed with youthfulness and beauty.

    Liked by 1 person

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