✴Letting In✴

Sometimes we let temporary people leave permanent effects on us.

Maybe it’s because  we’re constantly torn in between “if it’s meant to be, it will be” and “if you want it, go get it.”

We need to know we’re in a world where money is love; and loyalty is just an illusion. And that love  is a commitment, not a feeling.

No one is ready to face it all. The cute that will turn to annoying, caring to bothering and maybe bestfriends to strangers.

Ask yourself this…If they  ever pulled a you on you would you like that shit? You may not be self centred, but maybe a bit young or rather not willing to do much. You need to understand yourself before you accomodate others.

For instance in the case of a flower…

When you like a flower you pluck it! When you love a flower you water it daily…

#One who understands this, understands life

Don’t let the wrong love make you wonder. Choose what to let in!



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