Hello May

You ought to have more than enough reasons to fall in love with May.

Let’s say it’s a chilled month or rather my best month…

How about taking these rules with you and see how your May will be.

  1. Know who you are😐.
  2. Be happy😀.
  3. Don’t take life very seriously- more rules=less justice😸😸.
  4. Do stupid things as long as you don’t regret💇👻👹.
  5. Laugh at your mistakes😂😂
  6. Mature! –understand life and what it has to offer😷.
  7. Mind what you say-it’s a life’s secret😯.
  8. Stop talking alot about people🙅🙅.
  9. Don’t be the “CID”-snooping and giving out information won’t help 📲📩📢.
  10. Know your friends👬👭💑.
  11. Abstain from useless people who’ll only make you mull 😢😢.
  12. Do what you wish people would do to you🍫💐.
  13. Find more time for yourself🕗🕘🕦.
  14. Invest in you- make sure you spoil yourself at times🍖🍕🍟🍔.
  15. Surprise them-get from that comfort zone and prove them wrong!😵😵
  16. Have fun in everything you do😇😇.
  17. PRAY!! Always pray🙏.
  18. Know your worth.
  19. Always look good👔👠.
  20. Have a regime📆.
  21. Know your goals in life💭.
  22. Only take serious things seriously🎓.
  23. Find a stress reliever🎭.
  24. Fix the you you’ve always wanted to be😊.
  25. Don’t always be the good one😈.
  26. Don’t get involved in things that’ll make you mad😠.
  27. Differentiate your priorities from your weaknesses. You can take care of your priorities but you can’t control weaknesses. Your weakness can kill you.
  28. Don’t forget your FAMILY!👪
  29. Take care of your social life🏄🏊.
  31. Don’t forget your friends bithdays🍰😝.             

    Life’s too short to have a boring month😊😊.



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